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Yurts were used as mobile homes by nomadic tribesmen in Asia. They comprise a light, easily-assembled timber frame covered by felt and animal skins providing a large, circular living space with full headroom throughout.

At Rivendale, our canvas yurt has been hand-made by a local craftsman with a peeled timber lattice frame providing full headroom over most of its area with the strength to resist the winter weather over 1000 feet above sea level on the side of a mountain.

Due to a shortage of Yaks and Ibex in the Peak District, we have substituted the felt and animal skins with a heavy, flame-retardent canvas and an apex of clear plastic – so you can admire the stars from the comfort of the rugs inside. The apex can be folded back like a sun-roof for better ventilation on hot days - with traditional campfire-cooking outside on the grill of the fire-pit.

Interior of Yurt

The canvas yurt is equipped with a wood-burning stove which provides both heat and a place to cook meals on the flat metal top. A fire and flue guard is provided for families with children. If the Yurt is located within the camping field near the environmental pond a 16 amp electric hook up can be used to power lights, kettles and even TV' s and microwaves. Although the floor is covered in coir mats and rugs, we recommend clients bring air beds or camp beds in addition to sleeping bags. Alternatively, we can provide a double bed with sheets and pillows at additional cost.

At Rivendale we also have two timber yurts, hexagonal timber cabins of 12' diameter, similar in size and shape to the larger 16' canvas yurt. Our timber yurts our ideal in cold and wet weather as the timber provides effective insulation and they are less prone to condensation and leaks than the canvas structures. One timber yurt comes with a wood burning stove, seasoned firewood can be purchased in the on-site shop and the other has a small electric heater.

Both the canvas and timber yurts are equipped with a power source for electric lights all year round. Guests need to bring everything they would bring if they were camping - except the tent!

Our traditional Scandinavian hot tubs are the half barrel variety.

Rivendale Caravan and Leisure Park offers a variety of accommodation, if the yurt experince is not for you or maybe we you want to come in large groups we offer numerous touring and camping pitches with and without electric hook ups. A rental holiday home and Peak District camping pods as well as 4 luxury bed and breakfast rooms at Peak District Spa.